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Attracting online customers has become very expensive.

Throwing tons of money at paid search and social media ads has become nearly unprofitable espcially once you add up employee wages and/or agency fees.

And when trying to track down what's working and what's not, it seems like each analytics program is "double counting" and taking credit for the sale.

Psst... here's a secret - > Most of your revenue/traffic is really coming from high-intent methods like SEO, email broadcasts, and directly typing in your URL while analytics programs are claiming your revenue/traffic is coming from low-intent methods like social media, retargeting, and affiliates (well it's not).

There is a better way.

Imagine if you had access to your ideal customers anytime you wanted for FREE!? Just think how much time and money you would save each day.

Psst... here's another secret - > At the end of the day the only thing you can really own is your email list. You don't own followers, likes, affliiates... that's like building your house on someone else's land. You will never own any of it.

Email has the highest return on investment. When it comes to online advertising your email list is an asset and basically the only thing you can really own. I mean, it’s your customer list and you own it.

Just imagine if you added a few thousand new users to your email database.

Let’s do the math together: If you add 2,500 new users to your email list today, and if you send email broadcasts twice a week, this equals 250,000+ messages to your ideal customer every year FOR FREE!

How much would it cost you in online advertising spend to reach 250,000+ customers? It won't cost you much if they are already on your email list!

Anyway, if you want to save money and increase your return on ad spend then send us a message [ contact@didable.com ] and click here to download a media kit.

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